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Stitcher's Delight

From a distance....


Thinking about getting your cross stitch framed but are not local to us. No worries! We are no stranger to receiving cross stitching from all over the U.S. and we are happy to frame yours too!


Most stitchers send their pieces in a ziplock bag and then in a bubble mailer via USPS- any shipping method is fine, just ship it in a way that you get tracking information. One of our team members will let you know when the package arrives!


Wrinkles and folds do NOT matter! No need to iron- it can flatten the stitches. It’ll all stretch out when it’s mounted.


Next, we will text pictures and prices of anywhere from 3-5 different frame choices. Our turn around right now from the time of frame choice/design decision is a few months (needles are flying!). Once your piece or pieces are complete, we'll box them up for shipping and call you to give you tracking information and take your payment (no payment is needed until then). We ship all packages UPS ground, with lots of insurance. We don't ship them until we have verified with you that you are in town, and it's okay to ship. 


Please note that we are very backed up right now, but are working hard to get the turnaround times back down to a more reasonable time frame.


We ask that all packages be sent to:

Total Framing

3775A Pickett Rd.

Fairfax, VA 22031

(703)870-7937 (store phone #)

If you are mailing in work to be framed, please download a NWD form, fill it out and send with each piece of work! Thank you!

Filling out our NWD form and mailing it in with your piece makes this process run smoothly and gets your piece back out to you in a timely fashion!

Sherri's Nook...

Ever wonder how your needle works and textiles look so wonderfully smooth and straight? Sherri has her own corner of the shop where all things needlework and textile happen. Here are a few pics of her pin mounting (nickel plated brass silk pins and Bainbridge Artcare foam core) and hand sewing an antique sampler to a rag board. We personally know how much time and care goes into creating such amazing pieces of art. Sisters, Sherri and Terri are both avid cross stitchers. So, we make it our business to only use the best materials and procedures when handling all needleworks and textiles!

Give Us a Call

Fairfax- Pickett Rd 703.426.0660


Chantilly- Lee Rd 703.870.7937

Thanks for submitting!

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