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We Know Frames...

Antique Furniture and Paintings

Here at Total Framing, we have a hand in everything we do! That's the beauty of having a small family owned  and operated business. We hand pick everything, from our custom products to our retail ready made items. This ensures that you will get top quality products for your price.

In fact, it takes two hands because we build it all from start to finish. That way, we can guaranty that you are not only receiving a beautifully framed product but something that you can hang in your home and hand down from generations to come!

Embroidery Set

We have four 8’ long racks (double stacked) full of all 1000+ mats we stocks. They’re filed numerically, as are the scraps- which are stored under the tables in the same type of bins. We first cut the outsides on a chopper, stack them up, then cut all the openings on the computer cutters. Those cutters are run by compressed air. The sky’s the limit for the type of mats we can cut!


We stock over 1,000 mouldings on site, which helps us give you better prices, mitigate delays and out of stocks and also keep turnaround times down. All moulding numbers begin with the aisle number, followed by the numerical bin number. Terri keeps the magic organized list cross referencing our bin numbers with the vendor skus, widths, costs, retails and minimums. It’s Terri’s favorite part of her job! 

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Fairfax- Pickett Rd 703.426.0660


Chantilly- Lee Rd 703.870.7937

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